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Arbitration Law

Domestic Arbitration Service:

Advocate Jyoti Joshi is one of the Premier expert Arbitration lawyer and have law Firm in Udaipur. Since the main practice of the firm is arbitration, the firm is able to provide the best services in arbitrations in udaipur and related litigation.  The Firm’s senior partners Arvind  Lakhara and Jyoti Joshi are renowned arbitration lawyers in udaipur with expertise in commercial arbitration. The firm and its partners have experience and expertise in handling complex arbitrations involving multi jurisdictions before various arbitral institutions of India and abroad. The firm also has handled various high value arbitration related litigation before various courts of India. The firm’s expertise includes infrastructure, construction contracts like airports, Mining, export contracts, joint venture disputes, supply contracts, service contracts, technology contracts, and investment and banking contracts.The firm has handled high value and complex arbitrations before various arbitration panels including institutional arbitrations. Since the senior partners of the firm are advocates on record in the Court of Udaipur they are able to advice the clients more effectively than other firms.

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  1. Advocate jyoti is a best lady advocate in udaipur. and peovide very wonderfull advise and full attraction to her client. I strongly recommended to advocate jyoti joshi for advocate in udaipur

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